Yelp reviews



“ Your best source for Bang & Olufsen luxury audio and video products! North Shore Sound & Vision is a sleek store tucked away in Little Neck, filled with extremely knowledgeable staff with years of experience. I've tested several of the audio products and can attest that you won't find higher quality elsewhere. Well worth the investment if you're in the market for premium aural stimulation.”



“ Opened and run by Bang & Olufsen veterans, this is store is a great place to check out products that will up your audio and visual experience on all fronts. Everyone here is extremely welcoming and has a lot of knowledge about the products offered. I own speakers from the B&O play line and the bass and sound quality never cease to amaze me; North Shore Sound & Vision will let you test out the different products to find the best ones for your needs - just make sure you don't get them a noise complaint because that's how awesome the speakers can be :) Not to mention, no aesthetics are compromised and the store really demonstrates how beautiful and functional your home can look by incorporating the products into their own decor.Highly recommend North Short Sound & Vision and making an investment in the quality products they sell! ”